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Reviving a dead pond after 50 years

Friends, we are sharing materials about the restoration of an old pond in the Perm Region, Gubakha, village Ugolguralskaya 👍

We continue to combine mechanical methods of cleaning the reservoir and modern biological technologies, such as the Algotec products. With its help, we restore the natural biocenosis of the reservoir, making it clean and alive again

A month after the last stage of our work, the water became clearer and cleaner before our eyes, the unpleasant smell disappeared

At this stage of our project, we have focused on restoring oxygen in the reservoir. We have developed and implemented a water aeration line to provide the necessary oxygen level

Our work at the current stage:

we have successfully removed another large part of the algae from the reservoir using a mechanical method

the water aeration line has been created and is working successfully, restoring the oxygen regime

we used Algotec products to restore the natural processes of the reservoir: Algotec Split (10 liters), Algotec Aqua (30 liters), Algolizosorb.

We are glad to see how our pond becomes a place of attraction for people. More and more adults with children come to us to spend time surrounded by pure nature.

We want nature to do most of the work itself. By next season, we plan to reduce the silt layer in the reservoir by at least 10 centimeters. This little grain laid today will bear fruit in the future.