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Trial test in Bangladesh

Dear friends!

We have just launched trial test our Algotec Aqua suspension in one of our targeting markets Bangladesh.

Freshwater pond with giant shrimp Macrobrachium rosenbergii.

Test has been organized jointly our local partner Bio Ingredients BD and with support and conduction of Fisheries Ministry of Bangladesh.

One more confirmation of strong effectiveness of our technology is expected.
"It’s really a Miracle of Bangladesh shrimp farming history. On the date 26.7.2023, we have poured 6350 piece minnow of Shrimp. When we had poured minnow not see the visual looking but after seven days 2.08.2023, it’s already got the shrimp shape 1.5 inches by using “Algotec Aqua. For Bangladeshi casual cultivation system of shrimp farmer need to get this growth 30 days. So we can shrimp farming 23 days faster. So the time of Bangladesh shrimp farming time reduced 66%.

Secondly, to getting this growth on Bangladeshi casual farming need to use feed as molasses, Easter powder & rich polish (price approximately $ 150) but we only use “Algotec Aqua”.

It’s really a great revaluation of Bangladesh Shrimp Farming.

Congratulations “Algotec Aqua”."
Mahmudur Rahman, Founder at Bio Ingredients BD