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We continue to experiment with our line of strains

Dear friends, we continue to conduct experiments with line of our strains and share the results with you.
Today we would like to tell you about the experiment on obtaining dry chlorella in the form of powder.
We have successfully completed the experiment to obtain 2 kilograms of freeze-dried chlorella using lyophilic drying technology. This method allows us to preserve all the beneficial elements found in the microalgae Chlorella, namely:
- 13 vitamins vital to the human body;
- 12 different minerals, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus and iodine;
- Copper, iron, zinc, manganese and cobalt;
- Plant-based protein, which makes our product a great choice for health-conscious individuals.
Microalgae is not just a dietary supplement, it is an opportunity to get the most out of nature!
Short video you can watch here: