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Use of chlorella microalgae at the Sadovsky fish farm.

The use of chlorella microalgae in combination with mineral fertilizers has resulted in remarkable increased growth rates, as well as improved their overall survival rate to almost 100% at the Sadovsky Fish Farm.
Impressive results were achieved in the growing of mirror carp, which previously lagged behind in size and growth compared to the scaly carp. Thanks to the complex use of mineral fertilizers and a bio-additive based on the microalgae Chlorella, the growth rate and survival rate of the mirror carp increased to the level of the scale carp. As a result, the fish harvest from three hectares of the reservoir increased from the usual 4 tons to a record 8 tons.
Outstanding results were achieved in the growing of silver carp - the average weight was achieved in the region of 1.6-1.7 kilograms. The fish increased in size 35 times! In previous years, a maximum increase of even 8-10 times was rare. This result was possible due to the use of innovative methods and technologies.
This year fish farmers caught more than 10 tons of crucian carp. The maximum catch of previous years was 2-3 tons, which makes the current result unique.