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Results of the first experiment on cultivating chlorella in salt water

Friends, we have done a series of tests on culturing chlorella in salt water of different salinity and today we want to tell you about the first stage of the experiment.
The first experiment took place for three days in salt water with a concentration of 20 000 ppm or 20 per mille, which is 20 grams of sodium chlorine per liter
One of our planktonic strain Chlorella Vulgaris GKO is very plastic and adapts well to different cultivation conditions as well as different nutrient media. This was verified in the course of our experiment.
During three days of cultivation in salt water we have received 62 million cells of chlorella. This result shows that chlorella does well in salt water.
Our next step is to continue the research by increasing the salinity of the water to a maximum value of 35 per mille. Stay tuned, we'll tell you soon about the results of the next experiment!
Full video of first part is here: