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Experiment by Algotec and Aquafarm

Fish farming specialists always strive to find innovative approaches to improve the conditions for fish maintenance and promote their rapid growth without compromising their health.

Algotec and Aquafarm company conducted an experiment that will help fish farmers achieve impressive results.

The main goal of the experiment was to increase fish growth. To achieve this goal, two experiments were conducted.

In the experiments, our Chlorella concentrate Algobooster was added to the feed of the experimental group at a ratio of 1% of the feed mass. This way, microalgae entered the fish's stomach, improving digestion and oxygenating internal organs.

The results of the experiment are impressive:

1. In the first experiment, an 18% increase in fish weight was achieved with the addition of chlorella. This means that fish became better at digesting food and absorbing proteins and fats.

2. In the second experiment, over 41 days, a weight gain of 944.4 kg was achieved with the addition of chlorella. This set a personal record for the Aquafarm company.

But these are not the only achievements of the experiment. Geosmin content in the fish significantly decreased, and in some cases, it was reduced to zero. Using chlorella as a feed additive allows for avoiding the need for prolonged fish fasting before sale. Now, to prepare marketable fish for sale, only 2-5 days are sufficient. This reduces weight loss and increases profits.

In conclusion, to improve fish maintenance conditions and achieve greater growth, particularly in closed water supply systems, considering the use of chlorella as a feed supplement is worth exploring. This not only helps increase fish growth but also makes them healthier, reduces weight loss, and contributes to higher profits.