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Results of application of technology for bioreclamation of chlorella microalgae in the Republic of Karelia

Dear Friends!!!
We have just returned from the Republic of Karelia, where we evaluated the results of applying the Chlorella microalgae biomelioration technology.
This season the trout farm "Trout Laviyarvi" faced serious challenges - blue-green algae blooms and a sharp drop in oxygen levels, which could lead to fish freezing and loss of quality of the final product.
To avoid this problem, the company turned to Algotec's Chlorella.
As a result of AlgotecAqua application, the oxygen level rose to 9 mg per liter and the water became clear and clean.
But that's not all! We also conducted an experiment using Algobuster - concentrated chlorella, which when mixed with food, improves digestibility, digestive system and immunity of fish. At the end of the four-week experiment, we recorded a significant improvement in the physiological condition of the fish.
It is important to note that all experiments were conducted under the supervision and control of scientists from the University of Biology of Petrozavodsk.
A video with details and English subtitles is already available at the link