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Results of the second experiment on cultivating chlorella in salt water

Friends, we continue our story about the series of tests on cultivation of chlorella in salt water of different salinity and today we want to tell you about the second stage of our experiment.
For three days we conducted the experiment in salt water with a maximum salinity of 35 per mille, for this purpose we added 6 kg 300 grams of salt to 180 liters of nutrient medium.
Compared to the previous experiment, chlorella did not grow as actively, but our chlorella vulgaris GKO strain showed amazing adaptation to different environmental conditions, including maximum saline water.
Under the microscope, we recorded 32 million cells per milliliter.
A series of experiments on culturing chlorella in salt water confirmed that our chlorella vulgaris GKO strain perfectly adapts to conditions of different water salinity.
This is evidence that our biotechnology offers us great prospects for the effective use of chlorella microalgae both in freshwater and in water with different salinities.
Application of this can be important for areas with limited capabilities of supply freshwater sources, such as Middle East countries.
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