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Visual and pathoanatomical examination by PetrSU

Friends, in the photo visual examination and pathoanatomical examination by PetrSU specialists of trout of the control group during the research work to assess the effectiveness of the use of the ALGOBOOSTER supplemental nutrition complex 🐟
Scientists noted a difference in the state of internal organs in trout of the experimental group (corresponded to the normal position) and the control.
❗ an experienced group - with Chlorella "ALGOBOOSTER".
❗ the control group - without the use of chlorella.
Individuals of the rainbow trout of the control group had serious deviations in the state of internal organs. The shape and color of the muscles, liver, gastrointestinal organs and spleen were subject to pathological processes. Also, anemic skin covers and pale gills, underdeveloped pectoral fins in three individuals were noted in the fish of the control group.
We quote the conclusion on research:
Thanks to the results of the pathoanatomical examination of fish, it can also be argued that the use of chlorella in feeding rainbow trout contributes to better assimilation of feed, as evidenced by the absence of pronounced inflammatory processes at the level of the gastrointestinal tract of experimental fish specimens, possible reabsorption of toxic compounds, suppression of the spread of pathogens of bacteriosis, increased resistance of the body to infectious diseases.
The latter property is especially important in the case of fish cage cultivation, requiring constant monitoring of resistance to adverse environmental factors.