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Demonstrating Algotec Chlorella's effectiveness with a client

Effective use of Algotec Chlorella on the example of one of our clients. We have been working for the 2nd year.
The fishery is engaged in the cultivation of carp fry from larvae. In the start of 2021, there was a problem in the reservoir: the flowering of water by the cyanobacterium Aphanizomenon (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae). Oxygen dropped: up to 3 mg/l in the morning, 5.9 mg/l in the afternoon. It was not possible to solve these problems independently, they turned to the company Algotec
In the 2021 season:
July 2021 : suspension of the planktonic strain Chlorella Vulgaris GKO was introduced. We measured the transparency of water with a Secchi disk - 32.5 cm. And also made the calculation and application of mineral fertilizers.
August 2021 : 2 weeks after the introduction of chlorella, the result was noted: oxygen increased by 2 times: the maximum was 13.9 mg/l.
Weight gain increased to 2 g per day: 80 g, was 59 g.
In 2022, we also continued our cooperation. And we achieved excellent results: oxygen is about 16 mg / l.! The gain on the silver carp is huge: it grew from a larva up to 350 grams! There has never been a paddlefish weight of 960 grams! Carp yearling, fingerling rises to 180 gr.
The client is satisfied, sees the effect after applying the suspension, plans to continue making Chlorella Algotec.