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New drink production technology

Dear friends!!!

We have launched a new technology for the production of a drink based on live chlorella microalgae. We have been monitoring the chlorella cultivation process for three days and are ready to share the test results.

On the second day of observations, the chlorella culture had already reached an optical density of 1.8, which indicates a high culture frequency.

Continuing observations, on the third day of cultivation we reached an optical density of 2.34, and the number of cells reached 110 million per milliliter. These impressive results confirm the high quality and efficiency of our chlorella cultivation process. On the third day we also had a tasting of our drink.

We are confident that our new technology for the production of beverages opens up new prospects in the world of healthy food and organic products.

Our team is ready to continue improving the technology and testing the product to ensure its high quality and long shelf life.

Short video is available here