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Algotec and dissolved oxygen levels in water

Dear friends
As for level of dissolved oxygen in water, today we are pleased to share our client's feedback on the use of Algotec products.
Project: a small reservoir in Voronezh region, heavily stocked, in the summer season of 2023, Algotec Aqua suspension and Algotec Split concentrate were applied to the reservoir, as well as weekly fertilizers.
We had excellent results after the winter: with a water temperature of 4.8 degrees, the pH reached 8.69 and dissolved oxygen increased to 13.1 mL/L. This indicates a significant improvement in the condition of the water body.
We also took water samples to analyze and develop a Chlorella microalgae application program this year. Our goal is to improve the condition of the reservoir and maintain the ecological balance with industrial fish farming.
We are grateful to our customers for their trust and choice of Algotec products.