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Biological Remediation in Astana with Chlorella from Algotec

Chlorella suspension from Algotec was dumped into the Yesil and Akbulak rivers in Astana, Kazakhstan.
On May 7, in order to improve the ecological condition of the water bodies of the capital, a pilot project "Biological remediation of the Yesil and Akbulak rivers" was launched in Astana. About two thousand liters of chlorella suspension were dumped into the water.
Experts want to restore the ecosystems of the reservoir and reduce the anthropogenic load by biological reclamation.
We expect an improvement in the physical and chemical parameters of the reservoir, an increase in the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water, an improvement in the hydrobiological parameters of the reservoir, an increase in the number and biomass of zooplankton and zoobenthos, an increase in the number of ichthyofauna.