It is for our Earth!
Сontamination of fresh water and environment
Disturbed natural biocenosis
Reduced oxygen level in water (small crustacean and fish kill)
Water body swamping (foul smell, altered appearance)
Man-caused load (industrial wasteis a nutrient medium for cyanobacteria)
Increased intensity of sunlight promotes algae propagation
Toxicity of cyanobacteria and their products
Cyanobacteria oust phytoplankton and kill the ecosystem

At the moment, algolization is the most efficient, safe and low-budget method of water body treatment

Herbicidal (chemical) treatment
€ 93,000+
(tetraponds, solls, aerotanks, lime, and perhydrol)
Mechanical treatment
€ 1,500,000+
(filtration, UV rays, dredgers)

Bacterial treatment

€ 80,000+
Elena Zhuraevskaya

Purchasing Manager

Recreation Center with treatment "Donbass" JSC

The reservoir was loosing its recreational potential; its water became

muddy and smelly.

We have been using Chlorella since last June when the pond in our recreation

center was bogged up quite much and the problem of massive blooming

became very serious.

After a consultation and adding the Chlorella suspension "Algotec" into the

reservoir, we noticed improvements soon enough and after 2 or 3 weeks

water in the pond became clear. We also were no longer worried about the


Afterwards, we applied the suspension one more time to project the effect. In

2020, we are planning to conduct algolization of our pond beforehand so that

we can prevent to resuming of blooming in a new season.

On behalf of all the employees of Recreation Center with treatment "Donbass"

JSC I would like to express gratitude for our effective cooperation and your

prompt solution of the problem with our pond blooming.

Anatoly V. Zverev


We believe in keeping our business and friendly relationship and hope

for further mutually beneficial cooperation.

On behalf of AQUASTROYGRAND LLC I would like to express our deep

gratitude and acknowledge your services to improve quality of water bodies

constructed by our company.

We wish you further development and stronger performance!

Viktor A. Borodin

Borodin's Fishing, Moscow Region

Water stopped blooming and became pure, fish started biting better.

In April 2019, we first started using the Algotec plankton Chlorella to clean

several fishing reservoirs of our company from blue-green algae.

We were fully satisfied with the result; water stopped blooming and became

pure, fish started biting better. During a month we were measuring oxygen

levels weekly. We got the first result in no time. Within 7 days after applying

the Chlorella suspension, the level of oxygen increased from 7 ml/l to 11 ml/l.

To fix the result, we are planning to continue using the algolization agent

during the whole season. Algolization of water reservoirs with Chlorella

microalga suspension is a reliable and safe solution to the problem of water

basin blooming and maintaining oxygen level necessary for active fish vital


A.Yu. Vinogradov

RSC Gydrotechproekt LLC, General Director

Successful results in 'biointerference' suppression.

Thank to our joint efforts, we managed to clean cooling ponds of the Kursk

and Rostov nuclear power plants from blooming. Successful results in

'biointerference' suppression, which is prevention of water body blooming,

were acknowledged by Rosenergoatom, Joint-Stock Company.

Svetlana Manoylo

Private water reservoir, total area is 500 sq. m

Fish started breeding rapidly.

The positive result is obvious: before that we were hustling and bustling

around our pond with a rake taking out those nasty things every two weeks (5

to 6 barrows for the pond of 5 decares in total area), but this year we cleaned

it only once, in June. At the same time fish started breeding rapidly (crucian

carps and silver carps). It seems it even needs more food now so we have to

give it some extra food.

Denis Glukhov

Private water reservoir, Tula Region

Water became cleaner and transparent 1.5 meters to the deep.

In spring, after ice melted water had sewage odour, I decided to spend money

on my water basin again for the last time. My wife and I thought we would

chlorinate water if it didn't help. But within some time after we added Chlorella,

water became cleaner and transparent 1.5 meters to the deep while it wasn't

so even with 20 cm.

S.V. Bolshakov

I added it to absolutely green water and it became clear!

Last summer water in my countryside village (4*4*2 m) got green again. That

wasn't the first time, so I was trying to search how to solve the problem around

the web. Needless to say that I found something and started buying German

agents with chemicals to clarify water, which meant to be safe for ornamental

fish. My fish stayed really safe and water became clear, but not much. And not

for a long period. Finally in 2017, I decided to try Chlorella and just about in

the middle of summer I added 5 liters to absolutely green water of my pond.

To be honest, I didn't believe it would be successful. But it became clear! And

it stayed clear until it became completely frozen.

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