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Algotec Green Technology is not just a manufacturer of live chlorella products, we are pioneers in the field of biotechnology and the designing of photobioreactors for growing algae. We have over 7 years of developments, 9 patented technologies, and most importantly, hundreds of satisfied customers, who have applied the results of our knowledge to their water bodies. Get to know the history and our global mission of Algotec in the “About Us” section below.
About us
From the creation of photobioreactors to the use of the final product in consumer water bodies, various processes take place, at each stage of which we are clearly aware of what we are doing. This is our understanding of technology - a set of thoroughly studied processes for creating and using our products. In this section you will find detailed information about how these processes build and we will help you understand how they work. To get acquainted with the information, click the "Learn more" button down below.
Our technologies
Our products
Our products are created by nature itself and optimized for the needs of our customers by our engineers. Their useful properties are aimed at intensifying the processes associated with the cultivation of mariculture, as well as maintaining the balance of the ecosystem of water bodies. Our line is the result of many years of experience and R&D, which have allowed us to create natural, effective and safe products. In the products you will also find our algae cultivation photobioreactors, which are our technological pride.
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Algotec Green Technology is a global company and we are interested in solving global problems. For this, the development of solutions in various fields of application of algae, in particular Chlorella Vulgaris, does not stop for a day. We will show what projects we are working on at the moment and what results we have, as well as what plans we are pursuing inorder to help the world in the near future.
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