Integrated feeding system for livestock based-on closed flat panel automatic photobioreactors

Ifeeds make about 70% of prime cost in the production of meat and milk
Any external changes cause price fluctuations and accessibility of imported components.
In-house green feed all the year round means a total gain of 12% and more in the farm’s profitability! Stable quality, stable benefit, growing profits!
In conditions of limited cargo flow, fluctuations in the national currency, changes in the global import / export structure, the country's ability to self-sufficiency in food is becoming increasingly important
Increased productivity of animal farming with the use of chlorella suspension - algolizant
The use of chlorella suspension in animal feeding rations allows:
  • A sharp decrease in mortality of young stock and increase weight gain of cattle, pigs and broilers by 30% and more;
  • A gain in the pig crop by 18%;
  • An increase in cow milk yield by 15-25%;
  • A rise in egg production by 12-18%;
  • A decrease in non-productive inseminations and duration of service period;
  • Using the same feed resources to receive extra products, but effectively solve the entire range of zootechnical and veterinary problems, having extended the term of economic use of animals to the maximum;
  • With enhanced digestibility of feeds, money-saving on their consumption by 15% and more;
  • A rise in quality and green nature of animal farming products.
  • An increase in the service period duration for the milking herd
Results the studies indicated that the average daily weight gain of subject piglings exceeded 100 grams versus the reference group.
From this, for the period when the age of piglings was 210 days (7 months), the weight difference was 13 kilograms versus the reference group
Experience of using chlorella in pig feeds during raising
Results of using chlorella suspension in the second breeding period (days 20 - 42) of Ross 308 cross chickens (53,240 of test subjects):
Profitability of production after adding chlorella into the ration boosted to 6.6 times
A noticeable decrease in mortality of poultry, with the average daily weight gain about 50 grams, against maximum 40 grams in the reference group
Experience of using in feeds in poultry farming
  • The automatic system is easily integrable into the animal watering system;
  • Works continuously in automatic and adjustable mode;
  • One operator to control;
  • Feeds 2,800 heads of cattle or 6,200 of pigs daily;
  • It is multipliable for the required amount of production.