Establishment of production facilities in Africa

Africa is the continent with the fastest growing population in the world. Africa's population could exceed 1.7 billion by 2030 and reach 2.5 billion by 2050.
Africa produces about 7 million tons of marine fish per year. With expected population growth, African demand for fish will increase to 13 million tons by 2030 and 19 million tons by 2050.
Improved fishing and catch processing techniques could provide an additional 1.5-2 million tons of fish and seafood by 2030. However, this still leaves a significant deficit that can be covered by large-scale mariculture development. It is expected that aquaculture development could yield an additional 2 to 4 million tons of fish per year.
Investing in aquaculture in Africa is not just a financial opportunity, but a contribution to solving global problems.
17 million hectares
Total area of the African Great Lakes
over 1.4 billion liters
Total market capacity by 2029, liters per year
over $2 billion
Total value of target markets by 2029

Inland aquaculture sector

Thanks to Algotec technology, the production volume can reach about 20 tons of products per hectare
The target markets are within the perimeter of the African Great Lakes countries - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania.
5.8 million hectares
Total area of freshwater aquaculture farms, ha
1,500,500 tons
Volume of freshwater aquaculture production in tons
over 12%
Projected compound annual growth rate for the local aquaculture market up to 6 years