2500 liters per day
fully automatic control
remote control
easy to scale

Automated installation of photobioreactors for growing microalgae – Algotec BioReactor VPBR77AGT

BioReactor VPBR77AGT
This is a complete industrial solution consisting of 6 self-contained units for the continuous cultivation of microalgae
Although VPBR77AGT was designed to grow planktonic strains of chlorella, it can be reconfigured to produce other microalgae if desired
This automated system includes photobioreactor equipment, additional apparatus and control and monitoring systems that allow users to set parameters for volume, temperature, dosage of culture media and microalgae culture cycles with great flexibility
All components and assemblies necessary for production are located in a room with an area of ​​​​70 m2 in a clean industrial room. The cooling system (chiller) is installed outside next to the production room
Due to its size and performance, the VPBR77AGT Bioreactor is an ideal choice for companies wishing to gradually expand their production capabilities and increase output. It provides superior control over processes such as cell growth, nutrient delivery and waste disposal, effectively maximizing productivity while keeping costs down. The bioreactor technology is an easy-to-use platform that guarantees consistent culture quality at the institute collection level every time.
The complex has a block structure and you can always increase the volume of your own production by adding new blocks to the system
Advantages of VPBR77AGT
Drainage – no more than 1 m3 / day. Suitable for draining into the public sewer or drainage system
Water supply – water supply, well; 2 cubic meters/hour. The maximum daily consumption is 4 cubic meters
Technical requirements
Accommodation – from 70 square meters per module
Used electricity network – three-phase, voltage – 380 V, 50 Hz, power – 20 kW
For a more stable and productive production, our reactors are equipped with LED lamps of our own design. They help to increase the productivity of microalgae up to 20%, and also reduce the power consumption of the installation by 2 times compared to gas discharge lamps. This will make installations not only more productive, but also more economical.
Open system and photobioreactors (PBR)
The main difference between them is whether the algae solution is isolated from the atmosphere or not. This has a huge impact both on how much algae solution can affect the environment, and on how easily algae growth can be regulated.
Here are some of the main advantages of PBR from an open cultivation system:
  • Significant performance increase;
  • Consistently reliable results, and consistent levels of output that can be anticipated;
  • Minimization of the amount of water used, economical use of water bodies;
  • Space saving;
  • No need for heat treatment;
  • High-quality biomass with minimal probability of contamination;
  • Economical harvesting due to a higher concentration of algae;
  • Possibility of easy change of cultivated algae;
  • Low dependence on weather conditions and the number of sunny days;
  • Possibility of round-the-clock production with artificial lighting;
We are confident in our development, which is why we are ready to provide guarantees for equipment for a period of 3 years from the date of signing the equipment acceptance certificate to the customer. The warranty does not cover consumables.
3 years guarantee
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For this product, we select companies on an individual basis, so you need to contact the sales department for shipping prices and equipment calculation. We will contact you to clarify the data on your production.
We are ready to help you with setting up our equipment, as well as with putting it into operation and provide support in using the system during the entire time of its operation.