Natural feed additive for all types of aquaculture and hydrobionts

Maximize the potential of your feed in a sustainable way
Algotec Algobuster was created specifically to enrich fish food with natural microelements and substances. It is an efficient and easy way to create complete aquaculture nutrition by supplementing existing diets with a concentrated suspension of 100% natural chlorella in an easily digestible form.
It is no secret that the natural food base is a natural source of a wide range of biologically active substances for the healthy growth of the herd, whether it be fish, krill or others.
Under conditions of cultivation in cages or closed water systems, no feed can provide a sufficiently rich in micronutrients growing environment. Even premixes are only a partial solution to the problem of reduced feed conversion. Where most see a barrier, we at Algotec see an opportunity!
Using Chlorella Concentrate
in feeding hydrobionts
increase safety up to 100%
improve immunity with the possibility of refusing antibiotics
decrease the feed coefficient- 18% or more
increase the growth of ichthyomass by 12 - 18%
increase the quality and environmental friendliness of aquaculture products
increase productivity by 25 percent or more
improve the organoleptic qualities of fish
Who is our product for?
shrimp farms
fish farms of cage type (freshwater)
recirculating aquaculture system
Use our Algotec Aqua suspension for other types of farms:
  • Pond type fish farm (freshwater)
  • Pasture fisheriestype (freshwater)
  • Private reservoirs
What risks are eliminated
by Algotec technology
low survival rate of aquaculture
deterioration of the immunity of the fish stock
poor quality of the final product
low profitability of fisheries
fish diseases
When feeding with a concentrate based on microalgae, it is possible to increase the protein content and reduce the mass fraction of fat in the body of the fish, which will positively affect the food quality of the fish.This has been proven by a scientific study with the result of changing the values โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹of the Fulton fatness coefficient and the degree of fat content according to Prozorovsky. Suitable for working with marine aquatic organisms*
ALGOBOOSTER - innovative bioconcentrate for restoring metabolic activity, metabolism, normalization of the gastrointestinal tract of fish with the control of deficiency of essential nutrients, non-specific resistance of the organism to the effects of adverse environmental factors, immunomodulation.
*before taking it is necessary to consult with an Algotec specialist to achieve the best and predictable results
1 liter of concentrate contains about 70g of raw chlorella biomass, which includes:
  • 45-55% - protein;
  • 5-10% - lipids;
  • 35% - carbohydrates;
  • up to 10% - minerals.
Trace elements in the composition
The composition of the mineral part of chlorella includes:
  • 4.79% calcium;
  • 2.51% phosphorus;
  • 4.7% iron;
  • 0.47% manganese;
  • 0.009% cobalt;
  • 0.048% copper;
In one liter of concentrate
In terms of vitamin content, chlorella surpasses all vegetable feed and agricultural crops. There is as much vitamin C in chlorella as in lemon juice. In terms of carotene content, chlorella surpasses all plant foods
Chlorella contains somatomedin - chlorella extract, CGF - which activates cells, accelerates growth and development, increases the body's immunological competence, promotes tissue regeneration, reduces or alleviates toxicreactions.
Total weight
13.32 kg / 18.00 kg
Dates: 14.02.2023 - 16.03.2023
Type of fish: rainbow trout
LLC Rostov live-bearing base
Experimental conditions: 2 pools of the same type of standard volume (area 6.5 m2); Stocking with juveniles, average weight 0.07 kg; Quantity - 150 pieces for each pool. Feeding volume: 4 times a day, the dosage is identical for both pools, the same type of food. In the experimental pool, before feeding, the additive Algotec Algobuster was added to the feed.
average weight (control / experience) - 0.09 kg / 0.12 kg
Difference in survival
control / experience - 148 pcs / 150 pcs
Overall effectiveness of the additive
Dates 29.11.2022 - 07.01.2022
Type of fish: sturgeon
Trout Farm Aqua Farm
Experience conditions: 4 pools of the same type of standard volume (area 12m2); Stocking with marketable fish, average weight 1.57 - 1.65 kg; Quantity - 206 pieces for each pool. Feeding volume: 5 times a day, the dosage is identical for both pools. In the experimental pool, before feeding, the additive Algotec Algobuster was added to the feed.
Growth fact
Reduction in feed conversion
Apply for pilot testing
For this product, we select companies on an individual basis, therefore, to obtain dosages and prices, you need to contact the sales department and we will contact you to clarify the data on your production