Establishment of production facilities in Vietnam

Aquaculture in Vietnam is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. Vietnam is currently the fourth largest aquaculture producer in the world.
By 2030, mariculture export revenue should be between $5 billion and $8 billion, and by 2050 it should exceed $10 billion.
1057.3 thousand hectares are allocated for the production of aquaculture products, of which 23.9% are occupied by objects with salt water, 46.6% with brackish water and 29.1% with fresh water. At the same time, 12% of products are produced in salt water, 22% in brackish water, and 66% in fresh water.
On August 01, 2020, free trade agreements with the European Union came into force. Tariffs on most shrimp have been reduced from 4.2% to 0%, tariffs on processed shrimp will be reduced from 7% to 0% within 8 years.
Common capacity per year
~20 mln/l
~500 mln $
2029 year
Targeting markets
Market value for current products
Time to reach planning capacity
About country
54.3 %
55 187 MW
98 mln ppl
366 bln $
literacy rate
GDP Volume
place of purchasing power parity in the world
Installed capacity-net power plants
of the population is under the age of 25
Growth of the Vietnamese economy in 2022
Inland aquaculture and shrimp farming sector
11bln $
4.6 mln t
300 000 ha
>1 mln t
export of fish products per year
per year total shrimp production
per year total aquaculture production
Total area of water bodies under aquaculture
People employed in agriculture
leading fish producing country in the world
49 countries
shrimp export
top 10
largest mariculture producing countries