Establishment of production facilities in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has extensive water resources, including a marine shelf area of ​​67 thousand square meters. km, lakes, rivers, coverage and ponds. Fisheries and aquaculture are mainly industries that provide food security and employment.
Over the past decades, the fishing industry of the republic has increased its production by 5 times - one of the highest rates in the world. During this period, national aquaculture production increased 15 times.
The main problem of fisheries in inland waters is acute environmental pollution, which is associated with the possible development of agriculture, transport and urbanization. The main opportunities for the restoration of commercial cover stocks, taking into account fishing on a scientific basis.
Common capacity per year
~8 mln/l
Bangladesh, Myanmar
~150 mln $
2029 year
Targeting markets
Market value for current products
Time to reach planning capacity
About country
23 000 MW
165 mln ppl
416 bln $
literacy rate
GDP Volume
Eight most-populous country in the world
place of purchasing power parity in the world
energy capacity with the most competitive price in the SEA region
of the population is under the age of 25
taxes for innovation sectors, including biotechnology, for 10 years
Inland aquaculture and shrimp farming sector
2 times
2.5 mln t
71 484 ha
146 000 t
growth of sector production since 2007 year
per year total shrimp production
per year total aquaculture production
Total area of water bodies under aquaculture
largest part-time and fulltime employer in rural areas
leading fish producing country in the world
80 percent
of sector production exports, mainly US and EU
seasonal restrictions in the sector